Transporting of VEMAG trolleys in the food industry

The Swedish tobacco company, Fiedler & Lundgren, uses a stainless 澳门永利手机版游戏官网 stacker with special forks for the transporting and lifting of VEMAG trolleys. The trolleys have special fittings, and the special forks are adjusted to fit these fittings.聽

The company focuses very much on optimum utilisation of the space in storage areas and cold storage rooms. The stacker can place the trolleys on the top of each other or on shelves and thereby double the number of trolleys in the same area.

Important reasons聽for using the聽stainless stacker:聽聽聽

  • Easy-to-clean construction
  • Acid-resistant chassis
  • The surface is treated, so that it is smooth and resistant
  • No particles can fall off the product and into the goods
  • Documented choice of materials
  • Ergonomic working position
  • Satisfied employees and fewer days lost through sickness
  • Top product safety
  • Possible to fit special forks etc.
  • Low maintenance costs and long operating life聽