Tilting and lifting hospital beds

Unique solution for hospitals

It is a fact that today麓s hospitals face many challenges to ensure patient and workforce safety. Around the clock, hospitals need to focus on hygiene to prevent infections and ergonomics and safety to protect the hospital workforce.

鈥淚n cooperation with the hospital workforce, we have developed a special Logitilt, which can easily lift and tilt hospital beds. We have had focus on hygiene, ergonomics and safety!

Tilting of the hospital beds is ergonomically correct and makes it very easy to clean the bed bottom, frame and the electric motor, and the wheels of the bed can easily be exchanged and maintained! In this way it is easier to prevent infections and ensure a clean environment.鈥

Gitte Kirkegaard, CEO at 澳门永利手机版游戏官网 A/S

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